PSE26NSL Edge” Lithium Straddle Stacker 2600lbs. Cap., 63 Through 142″ Height

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Ergonomic and robust, this electric pallet stacker has maintenance-free lithium batteries and a tight turning radius. Perfect for applications within confined spaces like narrow pallet rack aisles, trailers, containers, and mezzanine warehouses.

Brand: Noblelift
Product Code: Noblelift PSE26NSL-“Edge”




PSE26NSL-“Edge” Lithium Straddle Stacker

The PSE26N SL 2,600lb capacity, lithium electric stacker is available in (5) different maximum lift heights (63″ / 79″ / 114″ / 126″ / 142″) and is designed for light-duty applications. Their compact size, light weight, and ability to operate with tiller in vertical position (pinwheel turning) make them the ideal choice for use in tight spaces and other highly maneuverable applications. This ergonomic stacker has a fast-charging maintenance-free lithium battery, a built-in charger, and can be opportunity charged – allowing for longer use throughout multiple work shifts.  Ergonomic and robust, this electric pallet stacker has maintenance-free lithium batteries and a tight turning radius. Perfect for applications within confined spaces like narrow pallet rack aisles, trailers, containers, and mezzanine warehouses.

NOBLELIFT includes a 2-Year Limited MFR Warranty with ONSITE service for the unit and a 3-YEAR Lithium Battery Warranty!

  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 2600lbs.
  • CONTROLLER: American Curtis Travel Controller with CAN-bus Control
  • LOAD BACK REST: Standard
  • LOWERED MAST HEIGHT (min): 92.13″
  • EXTENDED MAST HEIGHT w/ load backrest (max): 113.94″
  • EXTENDED MAST HEIGHT w/o load backrest (max): 98.43″
  • ADJUSTABLE STRADDLE LEGS: I.D. 38.6” to 50”, O.D. 46.2” to 58”
  • FORK SIZE: Class II 42″L
  • TURNING RADIUS: 52.95”
  • FAST INTERNAL CHARGER: Direct connect 110A 110VAC plug-in automatic 24V/25A charger – 2hrs to FULL CHARGE!
  • SPEED TRAVEL: 2.8 mph empty; 2.6 mph loaded.
  • MAX GRADIENT (Laden/Unladen %): 4/10
  • BRAKES: Electro-magnetic braking for secure stopping power; Electronic neutral braking for accurate control.
  • ERGONOMIC & SMART TILLER DESIGH: Integrated PIN Code Panel limits access to approved personnel and RFID card access w/LCD Display for smart control and operation.
    Throttle, lifting, lowering, horn and turtle mode are in the ergonomic handle; belly button reverse safety feature allows the unit to stop and reverse to avoid collision or injury.
    The tiller (handle) of the truck is supported by an air spring and the tiller returns to its vertical position smoothly.
  • TURTLE SPEED MODE – PINWHEEL CAPABILITY: By holding the turtle button down, the truck will operate with the handle in the upright position, providing safe and easy operation within confined spaces such as steering within a trailer, a container or other small areas.
  • USB CHARGING: 2x 5V 2.1A USB Ports to charge tablets, radios, phones, inventory scanners or any device requiring USB power.
  • OVERALL WIDTH (varies): Inside Straddle + 7.87″

Lead Acid Battery vs. Lithium-Ion Battery

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major advantages of Electric Straddle Stackers with state-of-the-art lithium battery technology.

Dramatic cost savings:

Because lithium-ion batteries last so much longer than traditional lead acid batteries, the cost savings begin to add up quickly and end up being substantial over the much longer life span of this game-changing pallet stacker power source.

Other factors that contribute to a more cost-efficient warehouse operation include:

  • Far less money spent on energy for charging batteries
  • Less time and labor expended by workers swapping out lead acid batteries
  • Less time and labor spent maintaining and watering lead acid batteries
  • Less energy wasted (a lead acid battery burns off 45-50% of its energy in heat, while a lithium battery loses only 10-15%)

Worker safety:

Hydrogen fumes and “acid splash” are a health and safety concern for workers maintaining lead acid batteries. Risks include sulfuric acid contacting their clothing, skin or eyes. Though not always adhered to, OSHA Guidelines call for nearby eyewash stations and for workers to wear personal protective gear (goggles, rubber or neoprene gloves and aprons). Such potential health and safety hazards are eliminated when using lithium batteries.

No battery rooms required:

Due to the space needed for charging and the risk of spills and fumes, most companies that run multiple electric straddle stackers powered by lead acid batteries handle the time-consuming recharging tasks by dedicating some of their valuable warehouse space to a separate, well-ventilated battery room.

Opportunity charging:

So-called “opportunity charging” (or charging pallet stacker batteries when opportunities arise; for example, during breaks or in between tasks) is one of the great advantages of lithium batteries. However, the same practice will significantly shorten the life of a lead acid battery.

Additional information
Max Lift Height

114, 126, 142, 63, 74, 79

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Shipping Information

Local Liftgate Delivery

What is local liftgate delivery?

– If the delivery address is within 150 miles of Fontana, CA 92336 and does not have access to a dock or forklift, our driver will lower the unit off our truck with the use of a liftgate.  The maximum liftgate capacity is 4,000lbs.  Any units that exceed 4,000lbs in shipping weight will be subject to additional charges (contact us for details).

Delivery Information

Order Processing:

Normal order processing can take between 1-2 business days (Monday – Friday, excluding major Holidays).

Shipping and Delivery: offers NATIONWIDE SHIPPING to commercial locations in the contiguous United States. Currently, does not ship to U.S. Territories outside the contiguous 48 states (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam), APO/FPO, Canada or other international addresses. cannot guarantee delivery times, but we do our best to provide accurate estimates. Deliveries only occur on weekdays outside 150 miles of Fontana, CA. is able to deliver on some weekends if you are within 150 miles of Fontana, CA.  Orders you place with on a Saturday or Sunday will not be processed until the following business week.

Please note: For delivery addresses outside 150 miles of Fontana, CA – Items ship on Pallets and include Lift Gate Service (if needed) for items weighing less than 2500lbs.  It is the customer’s responsibility to remove the item from the pallet with a crane, forklift or other suitable lifting device (not a pallet truck/pallet jack).

For all items in excess of 2500lbs delivering to an address 150 miles outside Fontana, CA – A forklift or dock IS REQUIRED.

IMPORTANT: At the time of delivery, the customer is responsible for inspecting the order for visible damage, concealed damage and/or missing parts. This includes unwrapping the item to inspect for concealed damage. If an item is found to be majorly damaged, the customer should refuse delivery of the item and notify In the case of minor damage or missing parts the customer can choose to keep the item – see below.

Per freight carrier rules, if a customer wants to keep damaged items or orders that are missing parts, the damage or missing parts must be noted on the proof of delivery form or signature form. Failure to note freight damage (including concealed damage) or missing parts constitutes acceptance of ownership of the item “AS IS” and shifts the responsibility from the freight carrier to the customer for the cost of item repair and/or missing parts.

Specials Service Charges below are NOT INCLUDED with Carrier Shipping:

Note: Additional fees below are only applicable to shipments outside 150 miles of Fontana, CA 92336

Residential Delivery – $250.00 Additional Per Shipment

A Residential Delivery is defined as delivery to a location that is a home or other dwelling where people live on the premise, including any business operating from a home.

Call Notification Fee – $50.00 Additional Per Shipment

Limited Access Locations – $250.00 Additional Per Shipment

Examples of destinations which may have limited access included, but are not limited to:

  1. Individual (mini) storage units
  2. Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, etc.
  3. Colleges/Universities
  4. K-12 schools, public or private
  5. Commercial establishments do not open to walk-in public during normal business hours
  6. Construction sites
  7. Fairs or carnivals
  8. Prisons
  9. Military Base/Installations
  10. Mine Sites

In the case of delivery, such a charge will include an initial notification to make delivery arrangements only if the Carrier is provided with the correct telephone number of the Consignee.

Battery Warranty Coverage

Class III Product Warranty

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