EKKO EA15B Semi-Electric Straddle Stacker 3300lbs. Cap., 119.4" Lift Height
Product Code: EKKO EA15B
$3,259.00 $3,828.00


The EKKO EA15B Semi-Electric Straddle Stacker is ideal for loading and unloading trucks, stacking and unstacking pallets from storage racks and moving pallets around a warehouse.  Use only on hard flat surfaces with no more than a 5% gradient slope.

Semi-electric straddle stackers bridge the needs of economics and ease of use. By boosting the power of these devices with a 12-volt electric motor, workers can use less effort to lift pallets. The power-assisted lift enables less force needed by employees for moving pallets.  Like forklifts, semi-electric stackers make moving pallets easier, but their narrow and shallow design fits better down slender aisles. Since these do not need a large driver's compartment, they require less space to operate compared to forklifts.  Minimum required aisle spacing for use with pallet racking: 7' (84")

  • Load Capacity: 3300lbs. 
  • Raised Height: 119.4" (9.95ft)
  • Adjustable Forks: 8 - 33.4”
  • Adjustable Legs: 43.5 - 59.1” (O.D.)
  • Handles pallets up to 50" wide
  • Fork Length: 45.3"
  • Power Lifting
  • Manual Drive
  • Internal Charger 12V/120Ah Included (plug fits standard 110v outlets)
  • (1) 12v Deep Cycle Battery Included
  • Ergonomic Handle 
  • Steel Construction
  • Robotic Welding
  • Overall Length: 70"
  • Overall Width: 59"
  • Overall Height (mast down): 84.5"
  • Service Weight: 1150lbs
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty

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